Occupational Health Specialist Nurse Adviser (Locum - long term) - London

Beacon Care Services
London (Greater)
£25.00 - £35.00/Hour
02 Dec 2017
02 Jan 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
The Occupational Health Specialist Advisor will be responsible for delivering evidenced based Occupational Health Services to all staff and specialist advice to Managers to enable them to meet their legal and statutory responsibilities regarding the Health and Safety of their employees.

The post holder will be expected to work as an autonomous practitioner within the interdisciplinary team.

Key Duties and responsibilities:

1 Clinical

1.1 To provide advice on an individuals fitness to work at both
pre-employment and following sickness absence in line with organisational/departmental procedures and protocols, with particular regard to DOH legislation and guidance to staff, management and Human Resources. This will include:

a) Writing to specialists for reports concerning an individuals health (in line with Access to Medical Reports Act, 1988)

b) Interpreting responses and writing reports to managers to guide them in the management of an individual (referring to the Occupational Health Manager, Head of Staff Health and Welfare or Occupational health Consultant for advice if required).

1.2 Manage a case management programme, taking responsibility for a particular group of staff . As well as the above points this will include:

a) Assessment of an individual’s needs and developing, implementing, evaluating and reviewing the return to work or rehabilitation programme.

b) Communicating effectively with both the manager and human resources regarding the case management programme.

1.3 To ensure both Trust staff and managers receive advice regarding appropriate work protection programmes including:

a) Administering appropriate work related vaccines to staff (under a Patient Group directive) in line with departmental/organisational infection control policies (e.g. Hepatitis, TB etc).

b) Performing venepuncture and requesting pathology blood tests, interpreting results in line with departmental protocols and guidelines, so that appropriate advice can be given to staff and managers regarding an individual’s level of health protection and fitness to practice (referring to the Occupational Health manager/Consultant or Head of Staff Health and Welfare for advice if required).

1.4 To ensure and provide appropriate treatment and follow up of accidents at work, including exposure to patients body fluids whether through assault or needlestick injuries (including referral to the Infection control team for advice regarding HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis) in line with departmental and national protocols.

1.5 To liaise with the Infection Control Team in relation to specific infection control issues within the organisation under the guidance of the Occupational Health Manager if required.

1.6 To make referrals to specific specialists (e.g. Staff Support and Physiotherapy) in accordance with the departmental protocols and guidelines.

1.7 To participate and manage some of the workload for both satellite clinics and external contracts.

2 Resource Management

2.1 Staffing

2.1.1 To provide guidance and support for any new employees to the Staff Health and Welfare Team in which ever area of the team they are employed in.

2.2 Supplies

2.2.1 To maintain stock supplies necessary for the effective day to day running of the OH department, ordering stocks of drugs/clinical supplies as appropriate.

2.2.2 To ensure equipment (such as resuscitation equipment etc) is maintained reporting any faults to the relevant department.

2.3 Record and data management

2.3.1 To record personally generated observations, maintaining all records in accordance with both departmental procedures and the NMC Codes of Conduct.

2.3.2 To maintain safe, confidential storage and retrieval of OH records of individuals and groups.

2.3.3 To compile, collate and input data relating to incidents and accidents in the workplace.

3 Research and Policy Development

3.1 To develop and evaluate internal policies, procedures and guidelines as well as developing policies for Trust wide use and providing feedback on policies and procedures developed by others when requested.

3.2 To participate in departmental audit programmes under the guidance of the Occupational health manager/Head of Staff health and Welfare.

3.3 Promote research based practice.

3.4 Participate in the process of clinical supervision.

4 Organisational Development

4.1 To promote the Occupational Health Department to relevant stakeholder groups (including external organisations).

4.2 To devise training programmes and participate in teaching sessions run for managers/staff regarding occupational health issues (e.g. induction, pregnancy, stress and COSHH).

4.3 Participating in projects relating to the “Healthy Workplace” component of Improving Working Lives.

4.4 To advise and support both staff and managers enabling them to meet the Trust’s statutory and best practice guidelines in respect of all occupational health and safety legislation and guidance.

4.5 To attend meetings and form partnerships with different groups within the Trust.

5 Risk Management/Health and Safety

5.1 Organisational

5.1.2 To work where appropriate in partnership with the Risk Management Department.

5.1.3 Undertaking secondary risk assessments according to the appropriate internal protocols and guidelines.

5.1.4 To advise staff and management regarding specific occupational health risks associated with hazards identified by risk assessments.

5.1.5 To continually raise awareness of occupational health and safety issues and to provide practical positive support to managers in fulfilling their statutory responsibilities for occupational health, safety and welfare by providing information and guidance.

5.2 Departmental

5.2.1 To understand own responsibility for departmental health and safety
and to ensure that all adverse incidents and near misses are reported to both the Occupational Health manager and the Risk management Department.

5.2.2 Ensure that all equipment is used appropriately and are competent in
its correct use.

5.2.3 Undertake departmental risk assessments.

6 Personal Development

6.1 To plan self development and objectives in line with departmental and
Trust objectives for discussion with the Occupational Health Manager.

6.2 To ensure own clinical supervision is available and appropriate for
own needs.