Paediatric Clinical Lead - Exeter

G4S Health
02 Dec 2017
08 Dec 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
Role Responsibility:
Clinical Lead for Paediatric Sexual Offence Service

Location: Devon

Salary: £86,200 per annum

Hours: 34 hours based on 2 clinical days and 2 admin days

Job Outline:

The Clinical Lead will be responsible for the provision of acute and historic examinations of children and young people who may have suffered sexual abuse / assault. This will include working alongside paediatricians, specialist nurses, and other paediatric trained sexual offence examiners. They will be required to produce written statement/report as appropriate for civil and criminal courts and for other agencies including child protection purposes. Whenever called upon to do so, the Clinical Lead must attend at any court for the purpose of giving evidence as a professional witness. The Paediatric Sexual Offence Service operates Monday to Friday (including bank holidays) for the area of Devon. The clinical lead would be expected to be in the county of Devon for the duration of their clinical shifts.

The Clinical Lead will also provide clinical work within the adult Sexual Offence Service for Devon and Cornwall, in order to maintain forensic skills and a varied case load. This would be in addition to, and distinct from, clinical work within the Paediatric Sexual Offence Service.

The Clinical Lead will be responsible for the continued development and promotion of the service and will act as the central liaison with partner agencies, including NHS, police and social care, to ensure that pathways and processes continue to be in line with contract specification and national standards set by GMC, BASHH, FFLM, RCPCH, CQC etc. They will provide senior clinical support for other clinicians within the team. They will be responsible for case management and for escalation of issues arising from the Paediatric Sexual Offence Service to the management team at G4S Health Services (UK) Limited as required.

Main Duties Of the Clinical Lead:

To work outside the scope of the National Health Service, in providing services for G4S Health Services (UK) Limited.

Clinical Duties

The Clinical Lead must be able to practice as an autonomous practitioner exercising independent and objective clinical judgement within professional guidelines and code of conduct. They must treat all SARC clients with courtesy, consideration, care and respect and give appropriate care and treatment in accordance with best practice.
To examine children, young people and adults who may have suffered sexual assault/abuse. Both acute and historic paediatric examinations will be undertaken. Historic paediatric examinations usually (but not always) occur within a weekly clinic.
To undertake joint examinations where appropriate (for example, prepubertal children) with a paediatrician or a paediatric trained sexual offence examiner and to be able to act as the lead examiner or the second examiner in such cases.
To take forensic samples within acute examinations, including to label and bag samples taken in evidence, in accordance with agreed guidance.
To document and interpret any injuries found during examination (within the scope of acting as a professional witness).
To use the colposcope to record genital/anal examination findings during all acute and historic paediatric assessments; and as appropriate during adult assessments.
Within historic paediatric clinics, to take GU samples for the purpose of screening for sexually transmitted diseases, where appropriate.
To ensure appropriate aftercare and safeguarding of individuals (both paediatric and adult cases), including risk assessments and referral to other agencies where required. To provide medication such as emergency hormonal contraception, Hep B vaccination and HIV PEPSE where appropriate.
To undertake paediatric follow-up appointments where it is deemed appropriate and in line with protocol.

Administration – Clinical

To carry out medical and forensic examinations in accordance with G4S Health Services (UK) Limited guidelines and, at all times, within the scope of his/her professional registration.
To attend, whether at a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) or other venue, and carry out such examinations as may be indicated in connection with an incident requiring forensic or medico-legal opinion relating to serious sexual assault.
To attend all Police calls, made via G4S Health Services (UK) Limited, within an ‘appropriate’ time as agreed by police and the patient. This may require departing as soon as possible. An ‘appropriate’ time is seen as preferential to a specified response time as it takes into account the child/young person’s needs, the Police investigation and travel times within the county.
To confirm via the dedicated HCP call line the time of arrival and the start and completion time of the assessment following each episode of care.
To complete any form of documentation whether written or electronic as required from time to time by the Police or G4S Health Services (UK) Limitedrelating to this work.
To provide statements/reports to the Police Officer in charge of a case when requested in writing through G4S Health Services (UK) Limited within 7 days of request.
To assist the Court, as a professional witness, in all relevant medico-legal matters relating to cases seen for serious sexual assault. This may include both criminal and family court proceedings.
To make themselves available for attendance at Court when requested remembering that this might cover several years following the period of service as an Sexual Offence Examiner.
To be seen to be impartial, independent and without bias whether called by the Prosecution or Defence.
Administration – Paediatric Sexual Offence Service

To liaise with partner agencies to maintain and promote effective referral routes and pathways both in to and out of the service.
To assist in evaluating the provision of services and engaging complainants and their families in seeking their views of services and outcomes.
To act as an escalation point for other members of the team and liaise with G4S Health Services (UK) Limited management as appropriate.
To be involved in recruitment, shadowing, mentoring and supervision of clinical staff, including completion of probation period reviews and appraisals.
To co-ordinate case management, triage historic referrals and attend weekly case management meetings. This will involve having a close working relationship with the SARC and other partner agencies.
To attend child protection strategy meetings and provide input to child protection processes as required.
To promote the paediatric sexual offence service including support, education and training of other professionals such as police, children’s social care, GPs and clinicians from a range of other specialties.
To assist in provision of monthly, quarterly and annual data and quality performance reports, evidencing performance against set KPIs and CQC standards.
To organise monthly educational/peer review meetings for the paediatric sexual offence service team. To organize an annual team development day for the paediatric sexual offence service team.
To receive, and within the levels of competence/responsibility, resolve complaints from customers and other agencies or refer appropriately to help ensure service efficiency and responsiveness.
To contribute towards UK-wide paediatric sexual offence induction training, supervision and peer review.

The Clinical Lead will be expected to:

Conform to the General medical Council (GMC) standards of ethical conduct applicable to all medical practitioners in the United Kingdom and standards published by the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (FFLM) and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) appropriate to this specialty.
Work in accordance with the current guidelines as may from time to time be published by the British Medical Association and the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine the GMC the Home Office and any other relevant organisations.
Maintain current knowledge of any guidelines and publications produced by the British Medical Association, the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (FFLM), the GMC or the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health relating to the examination of victims of rape and serious sexual assault (both adult and children).
Complete mandatory training including annual Immediate Life Support, Paediatric Life Support and Safeguarding Children and Young People (Intercollegiate Level 3) at least every three years.
Attend an FFLM/RCPCH approved one-day “SARC Best Practice” course at least every 3 years.
Regard as confidential any information acquired concerning the practice, procedures or operation of the Police and must not disclose this to any person who is not a member of, or acting for, the Police.
Inform G4S Health Services (UK) Limited immediately if he/she is under investigation of a crime, under investigation by their professional body or if registration is removed by their professional body.