DevOps Engineer

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13 Nov 2017
16 Nov 2017
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Key DevOps Skills

This document provides a high­level summary of the key capabilities we need in engineers working in DevOps/WebOps roles.

In Short

● Advanced Automation skills

  • ● Cross­stack skills

    ● Virtualisation and Cloud

    ● Network awareness

    ● Development awareness

    ● Team skills

    In Detail

    Advanced Automation skills

    A good engineer can write scripts to perform tasks. A good DevOps engineer can

    ● Use tools to generate scripts and automated tasks

    ● Manage configuration so that an automation task can be reused to produce

    variations of the same general task

    ● Orchestrate the deployment and triggering of automation across multiple hosts on a


    ● Test and validate the outcome of automated tasks

    Cross­stack skills

    Skills and experience in supporting applications from development to production (and with relevant best­practice tools). Key areas:

    ● Configuration management

    ● Build and packaging

    ● Release

    ● Monitoring, performance measurement and logging

Virtualisation and Cloud

Engineers should have experience of creating and managing virtual machines and/or containers. It is not essential that they have significant cloud skills; if their virtualisation, automation and network skills are good, cloud management is simple to learn.

Network awareness

We don?t require low­level knowledge of network infrastructure engineering or the TCP/IP protocols (though that is always nice to have and we do expect good general understanding of them). We do expect engineers to have some knowledge of (and experience with)

● IP address management and routing

● Load balancing and high­availability technologies

● Caches and reverse proxies

● Network latency and bandwidth

● Network security (firewalls, VPNs etc.)

Development awareness

  • Significant development experience is not required but the engineer should have an understanding of good development practice, including

    ● Scripting languages

    ● Version control (commits, branching, merging)

    ● Unit and integration testing

    ● Build systems

    ● Continuous Integration

    Engineers should understand not only how developers use these practices but how they apply to their own automation code.

    Team skills

    Communication skills, some diplomacy and the ability to be a team player are essential. Whether working in a primarily operational team or as part of a mixed delivery team, the engineer needs to

    ● Contribute positively to code review and other team processes

    ● Share knowledge within the team

    ● Respect team disciplines and standards

    ● Communicate promptly and constructively with other teams

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