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10 Nov 2017
16 Nov 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

To work with the IT Manager and focus on the day to day support issues that arise with the hardware, systems software and applications used.

Key Tasks: Functional

  • Assess and repair faulty computer hardware.
  • Resolve software and system issues with PC?s and Servers in the business

  • To ensure that PC?s and, in conjunction with the IT manager, the servers in the business are updated with the latest vendor security patches.

  • To ensure that our Anti-Virus is monitored and that the source of any alerts are dealt with as quickly as possible.

  • Maintain awareness of our Anti-spam quarantines and deal with the safe unblocking of genuine emails captured as false positive. Deal with user requests for un-blocking, whitelisting and blocking.

  • Deal with the day to day requests of users for configuration changes, permission requests and general IT assistance tasks.

  • Perform general routine maintenance on printers

  • Maintain a list of company mobile phone users along with handset details.

  • Maintain the IT Asset register and software deployment audit records.

Key Tasks: Controlling

  • Document the nature of issues and record what has been done to resolve them.
  • Document the nature of issues and record what has been done to resolve them.

  • Maintain a list of PC?s and Servers and record the dates that they have been updated using software management tools.

  • Document any alerts making the users of the machine in question aware of the alert and what may have caused it. To ensure that PC?s are updating correctly.

  • Before making changes to user permissions or anything to do with security, gain the authority of the Group IT Manager.

  • Keep a log of any work carried out.

  • Monitor monthly costs and bring any unusual variances to the Group IT Managers attention.

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