Senior Software Engineer - Java

London (Greater)
£80000 - 150000 Per Annum
06 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Senior Software Engineer - Java

Imagine working for the next Uber? When your career is over you want to look back on something with pride, you want to make a real difference to people's lives, something as big as changing the way humans live all around the world perhaps? Innovate an entire sector by giving people access to an AI system that will improve their lives considerably. The AI Doctor is almost ready and you can help build them.

You want a company with investors that make you go wow and that impress you and make you believe it can't fail with them on board.

Your role is giving you a headache isn't it? You hate that you have no freedom to do what you want and they don't trust you to have extra responsibilities. Why not? You're brilliant after all.

Mayhem more your thing? You want a lot of commotion because you love working for a company that doesn't't have all the answers yet. You're a risk taker, you're a dreamer. You want to use your technical flair to get to the end result, not follow a direct path, you want unpredictability, you're a maverick.

Java is your thing but you're more of an agnostic, it doesn't matter too much to you, it's about the product and what you're building. You can turn your hand to other languages and aren't phased by technologies you've never used. Your colleagues where you currently work just don't get you and the way your zany mind works. You love AI and the benefits it can bring, you want to be part of the world's largest healthcare database that can automatically reel off suggestions based on symptoms, incredible isn't it? In some ways AI reminds you of yourself and you'd probably side with them if they took over the world.

You're not just a coder, you have much more to offer and you're an all-rounder who loves getting involved in the whole process. You muck in when you can and you don't care for structure, your mind is too busy thinking three steps ahead.

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