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06 Oct 2017
07 Nov 2017
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Full Time
UK-EU and international trade analysis: Consultant economist support Background DCMS are undertaking analysis to estimate the impacts of different EU access scenarios for several DCMS policy areas (in particular: Digital and Audio Visual - which includes e-commerce, data, telecoms and broadcasting). To deliver this, DCMS are seeking 3 Grade A equivalent economists to support our central Evidence and Analysis Unit. The work, in part, requires quantitative estimates on the impacts arising from different EU access scenarios - including the trade-offs with regard to international trade opportunities. Broadly, the impacts considered should include: - UK-EU trade - which would include the level, growth and restrictiveness of trade (imports and exports, covering goods, services and data) under different EU access scenarios, based on any tariff/non - tariff barriers that may arise. - Economic activity - which would include a consideration of the impacts on productivity, consumption, efficiency (and other relevant impacts if they arise), with an estimation of how that translates into gross value added (GVA). - Rest of world trade deals - which would include a consideration of the value of trade deals and potential trade flows with third countries across different policy areas (primarily focussing on UK- US trade). - Regulatory burdens - for example, converging to EU regulation may mean complying with regulation that could have impacts on the level of innovation in the UK. This analysis will be conducted across individual DCMS policy areas for both high and low EU alignment scenarios. The analysis should include the relevant interactions with regards possible international trade opportunities outside the EU. The work should be as consistent as possible across the policy areas and high/low alignment scenarios, to allow for direct comparisons to be made. Skills required The economists hired should have the requisite expertise and applied experience of strong cost benefit analysis skills, be familiar with HM Green Book guidance and principles, and have experience of assessing the costs of regulation. In addition, they should have experience of either working on a relevant DCMS policy area (digital, audio-visual, e-commerce, data telecoms, or broadcasting), or experience of working on trade or EU analysis. Timescale and Logistics Analysis on UK-EU trade and international trade needs to be completed by end of October. DCMS will lead and project manage the work, with the consultants reporting in to the current EU Exit and Trade analytical leads. However, the consultants will lead on certain strands of the work, with DCMS analysts leading on other strands. This will be split either by policy area, or by analytical strand (for example, leading on analysis looking at the value of trade deals for all sectors). Exact working arrangements will be agreed once the economists are in post.
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