Senior Java Developer - Java, Agile, JavaScript

United Kingdom
£80000 - 120000 Per Annum
02 Oct 2017
04 Nov 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
You could do some real damage if you turned your mind to evil couldn't you? You're a technical aberration and you've been locked up for too long. It is time to be released and have the chance to put your mind to the ultimate test. They don't trust you do they? You're too eccentric and they're worried about the disorder you bring. You want to break the mould though and reach new heights. You're restrained at the moment because you're told this is the "right way" to do it. You know there is better and more challenging ways to work. They say they're agile but you know they aren't really, not the agile you know anyway. You want the chance to upskill but you don't have the time. The project needs to be done now. Who cares about you improving when the client need their application finished? If you had to you'd take a break from the project and upskill so you're ready but you don't get the chance. Time is standing still and you're frustrated. You're falling behind. You're a complex individual who is bored. Straightforward doesn't do it for you. Problem solving is your fuel and you aren't getting enough. You're discontent with your colleagues is growing because they just don't get you. They're not on your wavelength and you need to work with fellow brainiacs who are. Untie yourself now and realise your potential. You will be given the chance to work autonomously surrounded by bright colleagues building business critical systems. This is your opportunity to: - Be influential when it comes to the direction of the project - Build applications using Java on the back-end but also other languages such as C#, Scala, Python etc. - Join the popular kids and be full-stack working on front-end technologies such as Angular and React. Sound like you? Let's have a chat. No CV necessary. ********************* ***********
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