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29 Sep 2017
03 Nov 2017
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General The role of the COSAC Academy Manager is pivotal in the day to day running of the Academy and accordingly will need to exercise management over; income generation, internal processes, product development, infrastructure, communications and personnel. The Academy Manager will also deputise for the Academy Director in his absence either on leave or when away on external duties. Specific Responsibilities Strategic Planning. The Academy Manager is to assist the Director in the development of COSAC strategic and financial plans. Income Generation. In support of the planning function above, a key responsibility of the role is to derive income from the delivery of training[1], either in-house or via an established network of associate instructors. Market research and its associated identification and securing of both funding and commercial opportunities sit at the heart of this responsibility. Accordingly, the Academy manager is to line manage the Key Skills Training Manager role and by association, all and any non-SM associate trainer/assessors employed by the Academy. A key performance indicator for the role will be its ability to generate income from the training capacity inherent in the collective (permanent and associate) Key Skills Training capability and its output. Productivity. Efficiency supports productivity, avoids waste and contributes directly to income generation. Therefore, in addition to the principal planning and income generation responsibilities outlined above, the Academy manager's role is also fundamental in creating the conditions for all other COSAC training activity to function at optimum output. Key enabling responsibilities therefore and which are explained in more detail below, include: - Process Management - Maintaining state of the art infrastructure - Communications management - Compliance - Sound personnel management and administration Process Management. The Academy Manager is, de facto, the custodian of the COSAC internal processes required to maintain efficiency, ensure quality and uphold the values and standards of the Academy. Specific responsibilities include: - Programming, Scheduling and Resource Management. Working with department heads, the Academy Manager is responsible for the planning and programming of courses, the scheduling of inter-dependant operational activities and the management of the resources needed to get the job done in the right time, in the right quantity and to the right standard. - Standard Operating Procedures. Establishing, maintaining and - through the COSAC Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement process - develop a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across all functional and administrative areas. Through strict adherence to this process, a culture is to be developed across all COSAC departments and staff that sends a clear message of "this is how we do things here". - Records, Statistics and Data. The keeping of accurate records, the secure and efficient management of data and the timely production of statistical information is central to the Academy Manager's role and is therefore to include the responsibility for acting as the COSAC Data Controller and the maintenance of ICO Data Protection standards. - Values and Standards Directive. Whilst ownership of the COSAC Values and Standards Directive sits with the Academy Director, its currency, accuracy and relevance is the responsibility of the Academy Manager. COSAC SOPs are incorporated within this Directive and as outlined above, these remain the specific responsibility of the Academy Manager. - Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement. Standards for the delivery of Smart Meter, E-Learning and Key Skills Training are to be maintained by respective managers. The review process for all training delivered by the Academy is however to be subject to a centralised process overseen by the COSAC Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement (QA&CI) Board, chaired by the Director but convened, orchestrated and recorded by the Academy Manager as the QA/CI Board secretary. Product Development. In addition to the income generation responsibilities outlined above, the Academy Manager is to play a key role in both COSAC product development and organisational diversification. New commercial opportunities are to be proactively identified and in conjunction with the appropriate training lead, the Academy Manager is to ensure that each and every product is rigorously subjected to the following detailed analysis and development process: - Costing (i.e. cost to COSAC for the entirety of its delivery) - Competitor research and market analysis - Pricing - Marketing[2] - Programming and scheduling - Sales - Quality Management Infrastructure Management. The fabric of the building (Unit 1003), its maintenance, security and occupation are all to be coordinated and controlled by the Academy Manager. Specific responsibilities are to include: - Classroom Availability. In accordance with the programming, scheduling, resource management and income generation responsibilities outlined above, the Academy Manager is responsible for the booking, allocation and serviceability of all organic Academy training space. The role is also to provide direct oversight of the procurement and use of any off-site facilities used for training and/or assessment by COSAC staff. - Works. Any works required for the building are to be submitted to, commissioned, coordinated and controlled by the Academy Manager who is responsible for maintaining the COSAC Minor Works Register. - Cleaning, Waste and Sanitation. The Academy Manager is to set, oversee and review the cleaning, waste and sanitation contract(s) for the Unit. - Car Parking, Safety and Security. Car parking and vehicle movement on and around the COSAC site is a potentially vexatious and 'safety first' issue. First, there will be the need for de-confliction with neighbouring organisations. Next, at full capacity there will be significant pressure on both staff and student car parking areas and potentially the need for alternative arrangements to be organised. Finally, COSAC's location, on a busy industrial estate and adjacent to Traveller communities, means that both staff and students are potentially at risk from commercial vehicles operating in the vicinity and third party encroachment. Parking rules, controls and oversight are the specific responsibility of the Academy Manager. - Access control. Further to the responsibilities above, safety, security, accountability and how COSAC presents itself to potential clients all focus on the effective management and control of access to and around the COSAC site. The Academy Manager is responsible for ensuring the necessary procedures are in place to maintain; the integrity of the building, the safety of those either working or being trained in it and the services being provided to it remain secure and that a daily record is maintained for all staff, students, visitors and contractors accessing the COSAC site. Signing-in, issue of passes, escort/hosting arrangements and control/security of keys are the procedural cornerstones to be cemented here. - Sustainability and Environmental Awareness. In aspiring to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence, COSAC must demonstrate its commitment to the following, for which the Academy Manager is to provide the focal point: - o Building energy performance - o Cycle schemes - o Car share arrangements - o Heat capture - o Fuel and water saving - o Carbon footprint - o Recycling - o Waste recovery Communication Management. In many respects, the Academy Manager will need to act as the 'face' of the organisation. Managing the communications emanating from the Academy - for both internal and external audiences - therefore represents an important responsibility that needs to impact directly on the following for which the Academy Manager has direct responsibility: - Duty Staff Roster. COSAC will maintain 24/7 awareness and communication through the nomination of duty staff and the handover of a duty phone. - Signs, notices and demarcation. Safety, efficiency, inclusion and the need to minimise unnecessary distraction to students requires the effective planning, flexible implementation and consistent maintenance of site signage, notices/noticeboards (and currency of content) and zone demarcation. - Internal meetings. On behalf of the Director, the Academy Manger is to schedule, convene, and where necessary, record matters arising from the following meetings: - o Management Staff Update - daily at 8:45am - o Business Development - every other week in accordance with the Business & Development Strategy - o Governance Board - every other week[3] (Director only) - o QA/CI Board - every month or as dictated by the course programme - COSAC Website. The COSAC website is the principal mean Salary Band - £40,000 - £45,000, Dependent upon previous experience and qualifications.
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