Senior Educational Consultant

United Kingdom
29 Sep 2017
03 Nov 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
Title: Senior Educational Consultant

Our client is the leading independent educational consulting firm in the GCC focusing on US university admissions. We provide college admissions counseling to Emirati and international students seeking admission to the full spectrum of US universities and colleges. Our innovative model has evolved from our deep background and broad experience in admissions counseling in the United States. We center our services on providing intensive one-on-one counseling and guidance to students in every aspect of US college admissions, based on the philosophy of finding the right “fit."

The client employs an entire team of American university professionals with relevant firsthand admissions experience, education, and knowledge. Our admissions counseling model is highly personalized, as all of our sessions are conducted one-on-one with students. We are defined by our collaboration with parents and students, as well as our innovative use of technology. Our team is composed of highly qualified individuals with advanced degrees from top US universities.

Do you want to join a fast growing start-up that has helped positively impact young people’s lives? Do you want to live in one of the world’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan international cities, live tax-free and enjoy generous benefits? Do you enjoy mentoring an extraordinarily diverse group of students?

You will have a chance to live and work in the vibrant city of Dubai. The education sector, along with the economy, is booming, making the Emirate a rich environment in which to learn, grow and make new connections.

You will join a company with an excellent reputation in the Gulf region in US admissions counseling. Your duties will encompass counseling high school students through all phases of the college application process. The exact form these duties take may vary a good deal in practice. In counseling our students, you will work with a team of counselors with whom you share responsibility for guiding students through the complicated maze of US college admissions.


The Educational Consultant’s responsibilities include:

·Guiding students in preparing their college applications

oRevising student applications/resumes/college supplements/personal statements

oCreating balanced college lists

oCreating a roadmap of the requirements for each university and an action plan

oAssist students in filling out the Common Application

·Providing student mentorship

oEncourage students to take on leadership roles at their schools and in their communities

oNurture their community/service spirit

oPromote a love of learning

oDevelop communication and writing skills

oEncourage students to read

·Providing students with academic guidance

oGuidance on course selection at school

oAssisting students in choosing a college major

oCreating a standardized testing timeline for each student

·Guiding students on pre-college enrichment opportunities

oResearching and advising students on suitable summer programs, courses, or camps

oAssisting students with their summer activity applications

oResearching and advising students on extracurricular activities, internship opportunities, and out-of-school educational enrichment opportunities

·Assisting other counselors in workshops/classes on specific components of the application process

You will be expected to:

·Be available to students during normal working hours

·Answer e-mails and phone calls promptly

·Act professionally at all times / be punctual to all meetings

·Perform other duties as needed


Required Qualifications

·2-5 years demonstrated experience in the field of US university admissions

·Undergraduate degree from a top-tier US university

·Knowledge of the US higher education landscape and the admissions process

·Experience and interest in working with adolescents to help them reach their full potential

·Passion for education/counseling/student services

·Professional communication skills, both oral and written

·Computer skills

·Willingness to commit beyond scheduled hours when necessary

Desired Qualifications

·Master’s Degree in related field

·Experience working abroad at a professional level in an institution of higher education

·Experience living abroad to reflect ability to adjust to another culture



·Negotiable depending upon experience.

Employment and Working Hours

·Office hours are 10am-7pm, with 1 hour for lunch.

Health Insurance

Provides health insurance to its employees.

Additional Information

Dubai’s international airport puts travelers in reach of dozens of countries within a 3-4 hour flight. Taxi hire is relatively inexpensive, and tours abound in the local area.

Employees are expected to have the maturity to handle themselves in a foreign country, in particular an Islamic nation. Any breach of conduct will result in the counselor’s immediate termination.

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