AWS Cloud Engineer - Remote

LinuxRecruit Ltd
£70k - £80k pa + remote
26 Sep 2017
03 Nov 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
AWSome role that will make you feel like you're floating in the Clouds. Okay that may just be hyperbole and an excuse to try out some AWS/Cloud puns but trust me this role is pretty bloody good - if you like this sort of thing. If you love AWS and your idea of a great or even dream job would be to spend time building out multiple AWS environments then you're in luck. Okay so great it's another AWS role, there are loads of them what makes this one so different to all the others? Instead of just working on the same AWS platform all day every day, you're going to be working on more than 40, all with exciting and diverse companies from all corners of the business world. I'm talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies, e-commerce organisations, FinTech brands, startups, large companies all sorts! So it's really different and forever changing which will keep you on your toes. This role requires you to be brave - what I mean by that is that the word "support" is mentioned. Uh oh, I can feel the panic set in already. Firstly have a look at the salary, we aren't talking about a more entry-level support focused position which is based around ticketing or anything like that, we are talking about high level support and building of these AWS environments mentioned above - just remember you're there because you are an AWS expert, so don't worry about it! Do you need to have any specific skills for this role - well what you need is to be mad about AWS and knowing it inside out would be pretty good for everyone involved, so please don't apply if you've never used AWS. I know some of you out there must be thinking; "What! Why would someone apply to this role without AWS, it's bleeding obvious you need it!" Trust me it happens, so don't be that person. Please! Secondly, ideally you need some CloudFormation and if you don't have that then maybe some Terraform and if you don't have that then you're going to have to really impress me. Lastly, whether you're Windows or Linux it doesn't matter, just make sure you've got all the other aspects on lockdown. Look, I'm after hands on AWS fanatics, so if you're one of them make yourself known. If you want to hear more details and try and get an interview click the button that says apply and if you want even more details before doing that, email me on or call me on *************
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