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30 Sep 2017
03 Nov 2017
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Full Time
The successful candidate will have the relevant skills and experience specified below for this 6 month temporary contract based in London. This assignment sits outside of IR35.
Job Description:• In charge if a multi-disciplinary team of Agile: Developers, Designers, and Analysts.
• Leading the collaborative, dynamic planning process; prioritising the work that needs to be done against the capacity and capability of the team.
• Managing linkages between teams, ensuring good lines of communication, and effective reporting in an agile environment.
• Have the ability to: work closely with the Product Owner to define the roadmap for any given product and translate this into user stories; matrix-manage a multi-disciplinary team; ensure the products are built to an appropriate level of quality; demonstrate the ability to keep the long-term solution in focus and plan for risk; understand and manage financial forecasts and actuals in an agile environment; Proactively remove blockers to ensure that work is delivered.
• Experience of: delivering projects and products using the appropriate Agile Project Management methodology, learning and iterating frequently is a necessity; working in a multi-team portfolio delivery structure; and working with secure systems is essential.
Key Tasks & Deliverables: 1. Improved digital service for users To produce early versions of the following services by end December 2017 Quick Win Rationale Possible Service A single School Account, including One streamlined transaction between schools and DfE/EFSA There are currently 15 government bodies communicating with schools. Schools have to manage these many interactions involving communications, data, financial reporting and many more. Some of these are duplicates or in conflict with each other. A single account for each school to provide one place where DfE/EFSA (and other government bodies) can interact with schools. Through their account, schools can receive communication, apply for funding (see below), submit data and financial returns etc. Simplifying the way we manage discretionary funding There is no one place for schools to find out which non-formula grant funding is available. Application process not aligned to schools’ needs. An onerous bid process favours large MATs with greater capacity to apply (or £ for bid writers). Some schools told us they have abandoned the process halfway through. A simplified funding service to allow schools to identify for which funds they are eligible. A simplified application process – do we need to ask schools for information/data that we already hold? 2. One Regional Tier To support the team to create a SESL Directorate, led by Dominic Herrington, which will be expanded to be responsible for the full range of the department’s delivery activity in these areas, even where they are centrally run programmes. The scope of which teams would be included is still unclear but it covers the relevant teams from Free Schools Group, the Regional Delivery Division and the Hastings Opportunity Area. By December 2017 the delivery manager would be expected to have got the lab to the point that the initial team ways of working have been established, are working directly with schools as well as being refined and continuously improved. 3. Policy trials The lab will also be the place where policy changes are tested with user groups. These ideas are currently undeveloped at the moment but the aim would be to co-design (with schools), develop and test approaches that will improve the effectiveness of the department’s regional delivery within existing roles and responsibilities and in a way that does not cause unnecessary confusion for the sector. It would be the role of the Delivery Manager to ensure the team works effectively to develop these trials, with a view to some initial trials being ready to start by January 2018. 4. Knowledge transfer to the permanent appointee. The individual would need to work with the incoming Civil Servant DM to transfer knowledge and support them in getting up to speed.
Experience Required:BODT is fundamentally transforming the Department for Education, changing it to a department that is more efficient and effective in how we work. At the core of this is placing our customers at the heart of everything we do. It will change the way we work and the tools we have to do the job. Following extensive engagement with the Perm Sec and DGs, and more widely across the SCS and the Department, BODT is being refreshed as a Transformational Portfolio through which the operational strategy will be enacted – taking us from the current organisational culture to the desired end state which is: • User focused. • Joined up. • Evidence and data driven. • With empowered people. Within the evidence and delivery part of the BODT team there is a requirement for a number of Delivery Managers – a specific role for individuals who will lead and enable change (in an agile, multidisciplinary fashion) within ‘exemplary’ projects which will aim to explore the Department’s difficult problems. The individuals need to have a specific skill set and be able to act as the authoritative interface between the exemplars which will belong to the affected business areas, and the core of BODT. Our intention is that all of the Delivery Manager roles will be filled by Grade 6 Civil Servants. We have identified and brought two individuals into the team so far on this basis. We have yet to identify other suitable candidates within the Civil Service, though we have identified a suitable candidate contractor who could fill the gap in one role in the short term, to meet the need to support an exemplar which will begin on 11 September 2017. South East South London (SESL) lab – background and requirements We’re going to explore whether there are better ways to deliver the department’s activity with schools in a way that works for our users. We do not know exactly what ‘activity’ we want to improve and how we will do it. But likely areas will include: School improvement (inc intervention), school efficiency and financial health (inc intervention), teacher sufficiency and safeguarding. Our starting point will be users themselves – schools – we will ask them what problems they encounter working with the DfE. We are going to try things in the SESL region – likely small pockets of SESL at first – to see whether we can make improvements before we think about spreading it wider. The Delivery Manager will manage the SESL lab as an agile project, working alongside the project manager and product owners via a multi-disciplinary, highly skilled team. The Delivery Manager will be adept at performing the Delivery Manager role in both a digital and non-digital environment, breaking down barriers for the team and both planning at a higher level and getting into the detail to make things happen when needed. The initial requirement is for a Delivery Manager to work from September to December 2017 to deliver the outputs as detailed below.

Additional Information
Client is looking for someone that has had recent experience in a similar size gov organisation to carry out this role.

- Experience of leading Agile Teams.

The successful candidate will have a valid Disclosure of Scotland or be willing to apply for one on CV submission.

Please Note: The lower pay rate advertised in this job description is the PAYE daily pay rate. The higher pay rate advertised in this job description is the highest Ltd or Umbrella Company daily pay rate that the client is willing to pay up to.
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