Resource Manager - Berkshire - IT Managed Service Provider

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03 Oct 2017
02 Nov 2017
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Full Time
Resource Manager - Berkshire - IT Managed Service Provider Our client, a leading IT Managed Service Provider is seeking a Resource Manager to join their team in Berkshire. The effective Resource Manager will be adept at managing a limited supply of resources against constantly changing demand. This requires a good view of what is coming up and creating short-, mid- and long-term resource plans: - Long-Term Planning is taking a longer view of resource demand that is anticipated for six, eight, ten months out, or beyond. In the long-term plan, the resource manager is not planning an individual's time against specific tasks, but rather looking at general roles, skills and/or the locations of resources needed against general categories of demand (ongoing operational work vs. strategic projects, etc) using forecasts based on historical data or trends. The long-term plan gives the resource manager the ability to anticipate resource needs and proactively plan for staff acquisition, training or other activities that typically have longer lead times or may represent their own drain on resource capacity. - Mid-term planning focuses on the next one month to six months and identifies commitments for a specific type of resource or even an individual. But typically the mid-term plan represents these commitments as a level of effort as opposed to a specific date or time. For example we may identify that we need an engineer for about 30 hours over 2 months for a specific project - not that the engineer will work for 10 hours on a specific task in a specific week. The benefit of the mid-term plan is that it can be more accurate and provide more detail than the long-term plan, but is not subject to constant adjustment. - In the Short-term plan, the resource manager can look out a limited amount of time at specific task assignments - either for projects or ongoing work. The short term plan then provides the information needed to make last minute adjustments due to emerging priorities, schedule changes, scope changes, or changes in the available resource pool due to illness, resignations or reassignments. Because the short-term plan focuses on a limited timeframe it can be more precise than the long- or mid-term plans since we have a higher level of confidence in what is going to happen. - As a part of planning, the Resource Manager needs to be aware of the changing needs and priorities of the enterprise to ensure that the resources available to do the work have the requisite time and skills to do the work. - This means that the resource manager needs to understand the skills and interests of the team, and make sure that those skills are being developed to meet both current and future needs of the organization. - Changing business strategies, technologies, regulations and a plethora of other factors can all require significant changes in job responsibilities and the skills needed. - The best resource managers will follow developments across the enterprise, their discipline and in their industries to anticipate and prepare for these changes. - Last, but not least, getting the right things done is more important than working on everything and getting nothing done. - The best resource managers understand both the strategic and tactical priorities for their organization and communicate these clearly and consistently to their teams. - Likewise, they set realistic expectations for people outside of their team regarding delivery dates and standards - and they are able to say 'no' when appropriate.
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