Senior Advertising Manager - Peterborough

23 Jul 2017
22 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
Senior Advertisement Manager - Stamford

Purpose of Role:

Financial: Responsibility for proposing your advertising budgets, costs, prices and individual sales targets for the titles and people within your portfolio. To oversee all sales activities and maximise sales revenue to meet and exceed your agreed targets. To manage all advertising costs within your agreed budgets. To progress the development of online revenue streams.

People: Manage, develop, motivate and create team spirit and coaching through encouragement of the right behaviours to ensure targets are met. To manage and maintain effective staff incentive schemes to maximise sales growth.

Customers: Growing sustainable relationships with customers to achieve greater loyalty. Involvement in pitching at client meetings and industry events, as needed.

Business: Growing, developing and further monetising, the company's portfolio through strategic planning. Maintaining and developing excellent relationships with all internal departments. Working with the Group Advertisement Manager in developing and implementing your business strategy. To research, gain approval for, and implement plans for new products and services.

Key Performance Indicators:

Financial: Achievement of monthly budgeted revenue figures and personal sales targets. Forward bookings updated on a weekly basis.

People: The sales team is performing to the expected standards and development plans are up to date. Weekly one to one meetings are maintained with all sales team members and recorded.

Customers: Key Publishing's most important clients have been visited on a regular basis and kept up to date your portfolios information.

Business: Growth relating of your portfolio through strategic planning. Excellent relationships with all internal departments. Work with the Group Advertisement Manager in developing and implementing your business strategy. Market share information is updated date and has been acted upon. Your tactical plans are acted upon and regular updated.

Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours:


Ensures that the Group Advertisement Manager is kept up to date on all the financial areas for the portfolio that you are responsible for.

Typical representative behaviors:

* All budgets are submitted on deadline
* All forecasts are accurate and delivered on time
* All your advertising costs within budget at all times
* Individual sales targets are produced and monitored


Makes sure that the sales team's product knowledge and skills are constantly kept up to date and that they have the tool required to achieve their targets.

Typical representative behaviours:

* Every team member is appraised every 12 months
* Every team member has a review meeting every 6 months
* Daily catch up meeting with team members
* Monthly team meeting
* Coaching team members when required

Commercial & Customer Focus

Acts to grow business profitably in line with organisational strategy. Focuses on customer needs and strives to satisfy those needs in line with that strategy. Develops and maintains relationships with customers based on understanding of their business and market dynamics, and built on trust.

Typical representative behaviors:

* Tailors solutions to meet customer needs
* Identifies and capitalises on new revenue opportunities
* Takes actions to build customer loyalty
* Adds value to products and services offered

Influence & Selling

Communicates clearly, confidently and fluently. Understands the most appropriate approach to take in order to gain agreement of others to proposals. Handles objections positively and assertively.

Typical representative behaviors:

* Demonstrates influencing/sales skills based on in-depth product knowledge
* Understands and uses data to support arguments
* Provides information and suggestions in anticipation of customer/editor/Commercial Director
* Adapts communication style to suit listener e.g. knows when to adopt a sales-oriented approach and when a consultancy-based one is most appropriate


Makes plans to tackle short/medium term issues, in line with an understanding of the "big picture". Invests time in preparation and sets clear plans and priorities. Monitors progress against milestones and sees things through to completion.

Typical representative behaviors:

* Demonstrates understanding of strategic aims
* Creates clear plans to achieve goals
* Prioritises effectively to make best use of time and resource available
* Defines explicit milestones and keeps track of progress against these
* Magazine planning meeting reports are submitted one week prior to the meeting
* Media Packs are keep up to date

Supporting Change

Is open to new ways of doing things. Is flexible and positive to proposed business changes. Facilitates the implementation of change and gains buy-in of others to this.

Typical representative behaviors:

* Is open-minded and positive about the need for change
* Is able to adapt and retain focus in light of change
* Supports the Group Advertisement Manager in implementing change
* Wins commitment of team to proposed changes


Able to make decisions and address difficult issues. Demonstrates commitment to decisions taken. Takes the initiative and makes things happen.

Typical representative behaviours:

* Able to make decisions independently
* Able to make decisions without full information, when necessary
* Able to make unpopular and/or painful decisions
* Takes swift action to implement decisions

Analysing & Providing Solutions

Proactively gathers information from within and outside own department and Key Publishing, to arrive at judgements, solutions and recommendations. Anticipates issues, identifies underlying causes and proactively proposes solutions.

Typical representative behaviours:

* Identifies issues early
* Evaluates alternative methods and proposes optimal solution
* Proactively consults with other departments and gathers all the relevant information.
* Makes recommendations to prevent repetition of similar issues

Fostering teamwork

Proactively encourages co-operation to achieve team goals. Shares information with those inside and outside their immediate team. Develops an open, honest and supportive team environment.

Typical representative behaviours:

* Shares knowledge and issues with other Managers and other team members
* Contributes to publishing issue debates and co-operates with other members of Marketing team
* Ensures a sense of shared accountability within own team
* Encourages open and honest feedback within own team

Strategic thinking

Takes a mid to long term view of the business. Explores wide-ranging options to shape the business for the future, in advertising and other areas.

Typical representative behaviours:

* Translates the Key Publishing vision into an achievable strategy
* Is able to step back from operational issues to focus on the bigger picture
* Investigates the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and develops business intelligence
* Develops new streams of revenue for Key Publishing