Site Manager

Authoring House limited
Exeter, Devon
£32000 - £37000/annum
22 Jul 2017
21 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Part Time
My client has had the privilege of working on fine properties across Devon/Somerset. They generally undertake significantly sized projects with a contract value between £250k and £1.5 million.
They are currently seeking a Site Manager.
The role of the Site Manager is a crucial one. You will be responsible for making sure the entire job runs to plan from start to finish. This requires a keen eye on all areas of the job and will require a fast and efficient working style.
Managing staff
• You will be responsible for full-time, part-time and temporary workers. You will be expected to keep them busy at all times but working within their limits. Where appropriate you may need to teach them tasks they are unfamiliar with to enhance their capability.
• You will be responsible for their timings, so planning ahead is essential. You must plan what tasks your site staff can move onto and how that progresses the rest of the project.
• You must communicate with the Project Manager to ensure you have the right levels of resources.
• The motivation of staff is a hugely important part of the Site Managers role so you are expected to lead by example. Be aware of people flagging and provide encouragement or a change of task to raise morale. A successful Site Manager will not ask staff to do something that they would not do themselves.
• You must ensure that a high standard of work is being achieved and within the time and budget allowed.
Managing subcontractors
The Site Manager will be the on-site point of contact for the subcontractors.
Subcontractors will be given a start date and a total duration on site.
• You must be able to react quickly and effectively if the schedule changes at any stage. You need to communicate immediately with subcontractors to let them know the revised timescales.
• Monitoring the standards that are being achieved by the subcontractors is vital. Any poor workmanship should be raised with the subcontractor immediately and also reported to the Project Manager if it is deemed serious enough.
Plant and Materials Management
The Site Manager will be expected to order standard materials, plant hire and skips well in advance to eliminate unproductive time waiting for deliveries, or the need to collect items.
The Project Manager will order specialist materials but you must take responsibility for ensuring this is done to the timescales you require.
• You must check the materials list on a regular basis and you will be expected to report to the Project Manager frequently.
• You are responsible for making sure materials are neatly stacked/stored and protected from the weather. You must ensure everyone on site knows where plant and materials are, so that there is no duplication.
• In the event of over ordering of materials, you must ensure that the surplus are returned to the supplier for a refund. As part of this you must insist upon and keep credit notes.
• You are responsible for making sure hand & power tools are in good working order and that others are looking after them. If any are damaged report this to the Project Manager.
• A range of standard tools will be available from the store and it is your responsibility to organize collection of these tools well in advance. You must ensure these are on-site in good time so as not to delay works.
On The Tools
Whilst the Site Manager must put the management of the job/site first, they will still be on the tools if required as a part of their role.
Problem Solving
This element of the role is the hardest to describe as the problems that arise are different every time. You must be an exceptional problem solver so when problems occur you can assess them and take decisive action