Food Production Machine / Line Supervisor

JMS Recruitment
Heathrow, Greater London
£19000 - £25000/annum
17 Jul 2017
16 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
Responsibilities and tasks include but not limited to the following:
Health and Safety:
 Keep Safe. Follow all safety procedures and watch for the well being of his fellow workers.
 Must operate equipment in a safe and proper manner to prevent injury or equipment damage.
General Responsibilities:
 Operate extrusion line and supervise all elements of the production operation.
 Assure quality of film being produced meets company standards and customer specifications.
 Assure that the line is manned at all times to consistently monitor proper film production.
 Keep the line running with minimal downtime and generated scrap.
 Respond quickly and appropriately when the line is down.
 Be able to safely power down all equipment, facility and secure building.
 Motivate and direct his team to superior job performance.
Job Tasks:
 Start up: Be able to start-up all elements of the line from the extruder to the winder.
 Set up: Ability to set up of job and change overs.
 Shut down: Ability to stop machine safely.
 Perform scheduled inspections of equipment and housekeeping as specified by check list.
 Perform physical testing of film properties and make sure they are within customer or the company
 Perform visual quality inspection of roll wind and surface defects as outlined in customer or the company
Needs to have been in charge of process machinery previous experience in food
(production line, flow wrap machines, automated systems )

Ensure productivity, quality, solve machine stoppages, paperwork

Supervision skills team of 8-10

long days or 2-11pm shift