Brampton Training and Consultancy
London, South East England
17 Jul 2017
16 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

This role is 50/50 split admin and Nursing duties, it is very much an office based role. The perfect candidate will cope well under pressure and be comfortable prioritising own work load.

General Job Description

  • Assisting the client and their family in obtaining the best medical care and provide them with clinical support throughout management of their case.
  • Coordinating all medical operations and activities relevant to the case, including the patient, their family, the PMCM, the Medical Specialist Consultants and others according to each specific case.
  • Providing the highest quality service and be professional and cordial at all times, in line with the company's spirit, vision, service agreement and work regulations.


  • To preserve a warm, empathetic and supportive relationship with the client and their family, providing availability at all times.
  • To respect the client's rights, dignity and privacy at all times and maintain patient confidentiality.
  • Thoroughly understanding the symptoms, the main and secondary diagnosis/conditions of the patient. Take elaborate and thorough Intakes and further medical updates from the patient and his family. Where needed looking it up on-line and further discussing with the PMCM to better understand all medical aspects and plan next steps.
  • Being able to assess whether you are dealing with any kind of medical emergency that warrants an immediate referral and refer a patient to the A&E.
  • Go by the SOAP Process: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan.
  • Being an integral part of the process of obtaining remote and face to face consultations. Taking active part in the decision-making process and Medix medical recommendations. Nurses need to be able and feel comfortable to challenge the doctor’s (PMCM’s or consultants) opinion and recommendation.
  • Chase the PMCM’s, doctors, consultants with no fear or mercy at any time of the day and evening. They are just too busy to do things on time and need to be chased. (Emails and SMS’s may be sent BUT phone calls are the most efficient way to chase them).
  • Nurse must be accountable and fully responsible for every case unrelated to the PMCM’s role, accountability and responsibility.
  • Maximizing the health of client by increasing healthcare education and promoting wellness
  • Oversees the satisfaction of client and family with the service
  • The NURSE must take into consideration the diversity of the people she will communicate with on a daily basis (eg. cultural differences of patients, consultants etc.)
  • Improving and facilitating interdisciplinary communication and medical planning.
  • The NURSE is the advocate, the eyes and ears of the patient, his caregivers, and family, making her a valuable resource for the Medix team
  • The NURSE must interpret complex, detailed clinical information and disseminate that information both orally and in written form to others who need to know without distortion or personal judgement.
  • When talking with PMCM, and local medical team, the NURSE must know all her patients perfectly, be prepared with concise questions and be prepared to answer questions regarding the client condition at any time.

Skills Required

1. Registered nurse with a minimum of 3years of in-ward working experience

2. Excellent Interpersonal & Communication skills

3. Strong Writing Skills & Computer Proficiency

4. Excellent Organizational Skills

5. Customer Care Orientated

6. Assertive, Courteous and Empathetic

7. Ability to multi-task

8. Self-motivated

9. Driven with ability to work under minimal supervision

10. Willingness to commit and full-time availability; Work over hours

11. Ability to make presentations to a large group of people