Sales Director (Remote Sales Team)

Success Moves
London, Surrey, Essex, Kent, Sussex
£75000 - £165000/annum Front Loaded and Passive Fees
14 Jul 2017
13 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
Our client manufactures and sells a product that is a Natural Wipe of the highest quality, but the real value is in selling it as a marketing tool. It therefore is a more involved and more senior sell than just as a product.

Whereas the company has substantial success and literally dozens of household name clients, it is relatively new in the UK. We are building a remote team of sales agents around the UK. We need an experienced Sales Director. Experience must include entrepreneurial or self employed exposure and managing and motivating a remote commission based team. The commissions they get are both front loaded and immediate. (Clients pay fully in advance) plus a passive residual for the life of the client.

We would like the Sales Director to lead from the front and bring in their own senior deals, with our support. Equally we will recruit people for him all around the UK and in fact Europe as well.

This is an opportunity for a six figure income realistically on your own sales alone. However we are envisaging someone motivated by having (Apply online only) sales agents all producing for him. There is a significant ongoing override on every deal from the sales agents. This is Not an opportunity for someone wanting a traditional basic and commission. Nor is it for someone who is used to being office based or seeing the Sales Director role as not having to make sales.

Our client is an innovative company with a revolutionary yet simple product that has established success in many countries. Sales are typically made by giving a product to a customer and saying, "Tell me what you think of this?" This simple approach returns more than 50% as customers. They usually want to buy before you even make a sales pitch. There are a number of target sectors. The product can be resold and also branded with the company logo etc on at often no extra cost.

Make no mistake the team we will help you build can earn a very significant income for those with the right contacts and experience. You will receive a fee on every deal that they make an every re-order that the company re-processes in addition to your own deals. Have a look at the company Natural Wipes Ltd and see how marketable it is and how many prestigious clients are already on board. (Please note for clarity Success Moves will recruit all the sales agents).

The nature of the product is repeat order and paid before order. This means that sales agents and you get paid straight away. It gets better there is a front loaded payment scheme giving you 75% of the margin for the first 3-6 orders from each customer. Then a residual never ending for as long as the customer remains. There is no further involvement needed by you with the customer the head office does it all.

The business started in the Middle East and has experienced considerable growth and success with household name customers and brand names purchasing units in the thousands or even millions per month. Major household and brand names are existing customers overseas, and as such testimonials and client case studies are available from the likes of Mercedes Benz, Holiday Inn, Deloitte, Porsche, Total, Western Union and more. They also have customers of small and medium sized business. The products have been rigorously quality and green credential tested. It is patented.

The company has expanded through freelance senior sales agents in countries starting from the United Arab Emirates to Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the USA and more. The owner's nephew, who runs a full time software business, set it up in the UK bringing in more than two dozen clients whilst working full time in his software business. He had no sales experience or time free. The UK is as yet a significantly untapped market as the business has been set up in this country for less than 12 months.

We are looking for a motivated Sales Director who can help achieve this products full potential in the UK market whilst building a quick income and long term financial freedom.

The particular product you and your team will be offering will be sold on a business to business basis at senior level, as a marketing, branding, or promotional solution and as such you will be selling to business owners in any size of company for sizeable and potentially repeat orders. Current sectors that this product is being sold into include; Hotels & Resorts, Airlines, Events, Cosmetics retailers, Restaurants, Health Clubs, Corporations, and much, much more. Any industry that can benefit from a promotional item or a practical item to increase service is a prospect.

This product has been sold by going out to a restaurant, staying in a hotel, going to the hairdresser and just asking the Manager their thoughts on the product. We are though looking at senior level of contacts in major companies. So the right candidates will have a track record at this level. The ideal candidate will be motivated to earn a substantial income through managing and motivating a remote a large team of several hundred. They can work a market depending on their own level of experience and contacts. You will have experience of working independently, or are actively self-employed, working on a freelance basis, or have had your own business.

Your role will be:

* To lead showing the product to potentially interested business owners or directors.

* Generate further leads through referrals, networking or via phone/email and show a team how to do this.

* Network on LinkedIn and in physical locations to produce and be visible

* You will have a self-employed contract and will be responsible for your own travel costs. There are no other costs. You will be supplied with free samples, training and marketing materials.

The self-employed contract you will be offered will give you the commission fee rights to each customer you bring in and a override on all sales agents you manage. You are therefore building a high income and an asset as customers place repeat orders often on a monthly or yearly basis.

Please email and request the full the full comprehensive job description. initially we will have a telephone conversation. Feel free to ring Alex McMillan on this opportunity. (For absolute clarity there is nothing to pay for training or anything else at any stage.)