Clinical Lead

Brookes Recruitment Ltd
£16.50 - £18.50/hour
14 Jul 2017
13 Aug 2017
Public Sector
Contract Type
Full Time

To assist the manager in running the home in a smooth and organised fashion, in order that residents receive high quality care throughout the 24 hour period, paying attention and have full working knowledge of the requirements of the Health & Social Care Act 2008, and the ensuing Standards and Regulations. To take charge of shifts when required.

The post holder will be responsible for the delivery of care and for the supervision of others who are carrying out all aspects of the caring process. She/he will assist in setting and maintaining standards of care and will participate in maintaining effective management of the team and Home, with particular relevance to night duties. To assist manager ensuring that nurse/staffs clinical supervisions are up to date.


1. To be responsible for the assessment of the needs, development of programmes of care and for the implementation and evaluation of these programmes, ensuring that care activities are research based.

2. To contribute to the management of the nursing services within the Home

3. To take charge of the Home when required.

4. To provide a high standard of clinical nursing within the Home.

5. To participate and contribute to the teaching requirements of the Home.

6. To participate in setting, maintaining and monitoring nursing standards to include training.

7. To take charge of the Home in the absence of the Manager within continuing responsibility

8. To demonstrate an understanding of the Health & Social Care Act 2008.

9. To have full knowledge of and to follow the NMC Professional Code of Conduct and to be accountable for his/her professional practice.

10.To maintain and develop personal and practical skills and to keep abreast of clinical developments.

11.To follow agreed home nursing procedures/policies relating to the maintenance and improvement of standards of nursing care.

12. To follow the NMC/Home policy relating to the ordering, administration, custody, storage and control of drugs.

13.To assess, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care and to report on service users’ conditions clearly and concisely.

14. To encourage and use observations and suggestions made by Nursing Home staff to improve service user care and technique.

15. To maintain a professional and caring manner with all service users and visitors to the Nursing Home.

16. To ensure that the confidentiality of service users’ information obtained in the course of professional duty is respected at all times.

17. To participate in and contribute to clinical supervision.

18. To attend and participate in formal meetings with the Registered Manager, the Proprietor and/or other staff as required.

19. To ensure that medical staff prescribe drugs in accordance with the Nursing Home Policy.

20. To carry out the medical staff’s instructions relating to service user care, informing other staff of the orders and changes made. A nurse retains the right to question medical practitioners’ instructions.

21. To link in with service users’ GPs who are attending for day assessment.

22. To carry out an assessment when necessary.


1. To be aware of available resources to promote the efficient management of the Home.

2. To facilitate the admission and discharge of service users – liaising with other agencies to ensure continuity of care between hospital and community.

3. To ensure the safekeeping of service users’ property and valuables in accordance with agreed Home policy/procedures.

4. To be proactive and follow the Home policy regarding any complaint received from a service user, their relative, or any visitor to the Home.

5. To maintain a safe environment for service users, staff and visitors by ensuring compliance with and understanding of relevant legislation, for example, the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Food Hygiene and Pest Control Health Circular.

6. To participate in the maintenance of equipment within the Home with regular checking of all equipment, and to ensure that repairs are performed as soon as possible.

7. To have knowledge of all relevant Home policies and procedures.

8. To monitor that the admission, discharge or transfer or service users is in accordance with agreed procedures.

9. To co-operate with and co-ordinate where necessary other units and departments with activities at Nursing Home level, i.e. Administration, Maintenance, Domestic, Catering, CPN and other mandatory training and to ensure all Nursing Home staff are familiar with fire precaution measures and Nursing Home evacuation techniques.


1. To promote good communication between all staff and departments.

2. To ensure the induction programme for newly employed staff is robust and adhered to.

3. To attend in-service training sessions and study days in order to develop professional knowledge and skills.

4. To attend all mandatory training courses on the days notified to you by the Manager.

5. To supervise assistant carers and carers in gaining skills.

6. To participate in the ongoing appropriate training programmes for all staff and promote good working relationships between all Nursing Home staff and relations within the Home.

7. To be proactive regarding staffing issues, such as working relationships, grievances, etc.


1. To assist in maintaining full bed occupancy at all times, and to help maintain the good reputation of the home at all times.

2. To keep the Manager and Proprietor informed at all times

3. To assist in keeping all inspectorate bodies informed of events including the Care Quality Commission, Environmental Health, Health and Safety Executive, Social Services etc

4. Escorting potential clients around the home, with their accompanying relations.

5. To be involved in the assessment procedure, including going out of the home to assess potential new residents

6. Ensure the admissions procedure is followed

7. Be aware of the Contract of Residence and fee structures of the home and be confident in discussing this with prospective residents and their families, and other purchasers such as Social Services or the PCT.

8. Ensuring care planning, updating, reviewing by all parties

9. To take the lead in discharge planning and administration

10. Ordering and restocking of drugs and organising and cleaning routines

11. Ensuring privacy is kept at all times

12. Ensuring the client and relations receive ultimate care especially during palliative care

13. Helping organise and be involved in activities of the home

14. Ensuring community contact is afforded the clients

15. Ensuring the Policies and Procedures of Choice and Service User rights are upheld

16. Ensure the care offered is of the highest standard

17. To attend ongoing training as requested by the proprietors

18. Ensuring a sound knowledge of our Welcome Guide, Statement of Purpose, and Brochures

19. Ensuring appetising and nutritious diet is always available

20. To assist in regular inspections of the kitchens and assist environmental health in inspections

21. To hold regular meetings with Kitchen staff to plan menus

22. Be aware of Complaints procedure and be proactive in dealing with issues which arise

23. To uphold home’s policies on abuse

24. Ensuring all of home is kept clean and well decorated, clean and hygienic

25. Assist with Off duty rosters to ensure adequate staff are employed of offer ultimate care

26. Be aware of Training Regulations and assist in at all times

27. To ensure Supervisions, Probationary Reviews and Appraisals are carried out as per policies

28. Assist in Quality Assurance mechanisms and ISO Compliance, assisting with gathering data for meetings with staff, relations and service users, and undertaking audits

29. Ensure Health and Safety Regulations are met in full

30. Be aware of employment law, and assist in Disciplinary actions as per policies

31. To assist in Recruitment of staff

32. To ensure Policies and Procedures of the home are followed and adhered to