SQL Server / Machine Learning

City Of London, London
16 Jun 2017
16 Jul 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Rippll is a fast growing tech startup based in Old Street with propriatory Location Intelligence software that has been used by many of the largest Retail Brands in the UK. We provide Marketing Reports that analyse billions of GeoData points from Mobile Apps to determine if consumers visits stores more or less often after exposure to advertising.

We are looking for a SQL Server Developer who is keen to gain experience with machine Learning. You will work on all aspects of the design, development and delivery of data products including problem definition, data acquisition, data exploration and visualization, feature engineering, experimenting with algorithms, machine learning, evaluating and comparing metrics, deploying models, iteratively improving the solution and building the tools for this process. This will primarily be done with the use of Microsoft technologies, SQL Server and C# programming languages for our reporting tools and Azure machine Learning tools to add probabalistic data to our reports.

You will work with lat lon location data as well as third party demographic data from diverse structured and unstructured data sources in both batch and streaming modes.

It is anticipated that most of your time will be focussed on SQL Server Programming with at least one a day week focussed on experimenting with Azure Machine learning Tools and Data Science tasks (with a little expsoure to C# programming for reporting interfaces).

You will report to the Lead Developer who will be maintaining and extending our Location Intelligence Dashboard Product which is used by our Clients on both a Managed and Self Serve basis.

Core Duties

* SQL server Database programming

* Analysis of mobile handset location data through segmentation, clustering & predictive modelling

* Maintaining and extending a self self reporting system

* Running bespoke Location Data Reports


* 2 years of SQL Server programming

* Knowledge of data mining techniques

* Mathematics, Computer Science or equivalent degree

* Experience or knowledge of some form of Machine Learning

Required skills

* Strong SQL Server skills

* Understanding of MSFT Azure

* An interest in Data science or analytics

* Communicating results of Location Reports to Account team

* Basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming and C# principles

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