Junior Trader

Working In Forex Ltd
London, South East England
15 Jun 2017
15 Jul 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

WORKING IN FOREX Ltd is a Prop Trading company and is hiring Junior Traders to be placed in our Staff.

Working in Forex is an independent project with the aim to offer to our best Traders a direct access to the management of a proprietary fund. All the paths are developed in collaboration with primary brokers and trading companies, however the project is independent, not tied to any company. Partners will be selected case to case, in accordance with our needs. In fact, the aim of Working in Forex is to create career opportunities for everyone, because for us each Trader deserves an opportunity.

After a 4-week selection where the candidate will have to prove to be profitable on the Forex market, our Traders will have opportunity to manage our funds, starting from € 3,000.

As Prop Trading Firm, we take the 100% of risk from losses, while profits will be shared with each Trader, that will have to operate in according with our Money Management’s rules . We give to our Traders the opportunity to make career with us thanks to the opportunity to reach a pre-determined target in terms of Pips (150) in a large period (8 weeks). Reaching our Targets, the funds managed will increase, until to reach the amount of € 50,000, an opportunity reserved to our Expert Traders.So, the entry-salary is a cross between the 50% and the 70% of the profit generated with our capitals.


- Be enrolled in our 4 weeks selection process

- Sign a contract with us and start trading our funds from €3,000

- Receive an entry-salary on a monthly basis (up to 50% of your performance)

- Reach our targets and let grow your managed capital (until €50,000)

Our Traders can work from Remote and in connection with our Trading desk. Traders are free to handle the work-time in accordance with the contract timetable.

Candidates who will successfully complete the selection will NOT have to pay anything in terms of training and/or entry-fee.