Assistant Project Manager / Business Analyst

Apex MobileTech
North London, London
12 Jun 2017
12 Jul 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Do you have a keen eye for detail, communicate well both written and in person and enjoy a challenge. Using AGILE principles and the SCRUM process you will be involved in client liaison, development and testing liaison, chasing down issues, and ensuring our product is the best it can be. If this sounds interesting read on.......

Two of our Project Managers have described their role in a sentence:

'On a daily basis, I liaise with the clients in order to make sure that the testing, development and project is staying on track, making sure that the project timeline is protected and that we’re reaching our deadlines. Another large aspect of my role is to ensure that communication is as flawless as it can be, making sure that relationships are maintained internally and externally and that information is transferred to the right people, as and when it’s needed.' - SM

'I keep an eye on the development process to make sure that we deliver each sprint on time and with the best quality possible - with all the limitations placed on us by the client and ourselves!' - MP

What do our staff think of Apex?

'I wouldn’t say that I work for Apex, but rather with Apex, as it feels like we’re one large integrated family, regardless of what team or project we’re working on. It doesn’t feel like there is a clean, isolated distinction between the company and its employees, and it’s great that this atmosphere and feeling is embraced by the company as a whole.' - SM

'The best thing about working for Apex is that the company actually really does care, and goes out of its way to make sure its staff are happy and getting the support they need.' - MP

What does Apex do for our people's careers?

'Growing. And rapidly! One thing that I’ve learnt while working at Apex is that when you want something, you need to show that you deserve reward and are capable, and you need to go for it, and you won’t be held back. Apex not only has a familial feel to it, but it’s a company that encourages and supports you to take that 'next step’ - no matter how scary it may be.' - SM

'Career-wise, I've been lucky to have lots of opportunities to try different roles and extend myself, and that's truer than ever right now with my next role waiting for me - meaning that I've not stagnated in any role.' - MP

Our office is located in Finsbury Park and you will be required to work business hours in our office, with some additional hours as required by the business.

Who we would like to interview

  • Good with people: Our stakeholders won’t always describe the problem in great detail, so you need to comfortably talk them through it and figure out the issue.
  • Interest in technology: You’ll need to learn our software inside out (don’t worry, we’ve made it easy to use).
  • Problem solving skills: We don’t need you to be Sherlock Holmes (although that would be quite cool), but if you enjoy diggingout the cause of a problem then you’re in the right place
  • A professional manner both written and in person
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Enthusiastic, motivated, confident and adventurous personality
  • SCRUM or Agile Principles experience would be great
  • A degree qualification or equivalent experience, the ability to research and demonstrate curiosity

We employ people who can embody our 4 cultural values:

  • Have Gumption
  • Do Whats Right
  • Be The Force
  • Love the Backdrop

About Apex

We’re Apex - a software development company who create bespoke tablet solutions for corporate businesses. We take great pride in our products combining innovation with ease of use to make sure our customers have the best experience possible.
We are based in London with offices in Australia and the Philippines. Our largest customers are in the Real Estate industry. The company has grown from 3 staff 3 years ago to 50 today. We enjoy drawing people from a diverse range of backgrounds and provide appropriate training for each person as they enter their new roles.